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It's Fall 2020, and the Ohio Sound Studio is still turning out quality audio, SFX, and music for live streams, pre-recorded playback, and movies!  We're keeping busy with 8 full productions; not to mention we're distantly installing and optimizing awesome sound systems in our performances spaces.  

Coffee. Mandatory.

Harper Justus working tech with OBS, script, Qlab, and Youtube live-stream

By Charles Curtis

Steven Leffue, sound design

Abigail Coppock, assistant sound design


Tantrum Theater presents its first ever radio broadcast production, “Objects in the Mirror,” written by Ohio University Distinguished Professor Charles Smith and directed by Allen Gilmore.

In response to the national pandemic response limiting events and gatherings across the country, Tantrum Theater pivoted from a planned fully-staged theatrical production into a professionally produced audio theater experience.


The broadcast will premiere on Sunday, May 31 at 8 p.m. on WOUB FM (91.3 Athens; 89.1 Cambridge; 89.1 Ironton; 91.9 Chillicothe; and 90.1 Zanesville).


“Objects in the Mirror” provides an account of the harrowing true story of Shedrick Yarkpai, a brave Liberian, as he endures a savage escape from Liberia, grasping at the opportunity to live a fuller life in a land of peace, safety, and security, showcasing the lengths to which one person must go to reclaim identity and assimilate with dignity.

Objects in the Mirror