Synthesis Lab

The "Synth Lab" is Ohio University's creative sound design workshop.  Sound-proofed and easily accessible from the Sound Shop, The Synth Lab includes:

  • 5.1 Genelec 8030 surround sound monitoring system

  • Full Mic locker

  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface (sample rate up to 96k)

  • M-Audio Hammer88 MIDI keyboard controller

  • 2 Listening couches

  • Mac mini computer with double monitors and the following software:

    • AVID ProTools

    • Ableton

    • Reaper

    • Qlab

    • Audacity

    • Logic  


Sound Shop

The Sound Shop is the hub of live sound production activities.  Home to graduate student workspaces, the sound shop is a storage and equipment management depot with the following amenities:

  • Ergonomic storage racks for analogue and digital cables

  • Workbench with full array of connectors and tools

  • KRK RP10 ROKIT G4 mid-field monitors 

  • Toolboxes with all standard instruments


Forum Theater 

Thrust style theater

The Forum Theater is a 3/4 thrust, 180 degree proscenium performance space with customizable grid, capable of seating 250 patrons.  Sound is housed in the rear, isolated tech booth with opening performance window.  Entire space is accessible to sound booth via Cat5e network cables.  Repertory system includes speakers by Meyersound and EAW.


The Baker Theater is a 250 seat proscenium with an 8 degree rise in the audience seating area.  Features complete Cat5e networking system with access points in both front and back of house. Repertory system includes speakers by Meyersound and EAW

Baker Theater

Classic proscenium theater


The Hahne Theater is a classic blackbox capable of seating 60+ patrons.  Featuring installed choir mics and networked digital stage box accessibility for input configuration, the repertory system includes a 5.1 surround system built around JBL Control 30 elements and a Behringer X32 Producer mixing system.

Hahne Theater

Classic blackbox theater